Romp, or not to Romp?

What’s one thing that’s definitely going to make a second appearance in our summer wardrobes? Rompers. I, for one, did not own one last summer. I was still a little hesitant of the one-piece-wardrobe, as it sort of reminded me of what my mother would dress me in when I was three. However, after a lot of reflection and a lot of good reviews, I decided to give it a try. And guess what? I LOVE IT.

I love wearing dresses in the summer because they’re breezy and easy and always look cute, but I’ve given quite a few peak-shows when trying to do more than sit or stand in my favorite summer sundresses. A Romper is the perfect solution! It’s great for concerts or barbeques where you might be forced to sit on the ground or play some volleyball with old friends.

Here are some of my favorites as I do some summer online shopping:

Lace Back Romper - Victoria Secret, $36.50

Topshop Bleach Strip Playsuit, $70

Forever 21 Black Floral Romper, $19.80

Forever 21 Tribal Romper, $19.90

Here’s me and my friends enjoying a Ke$ha concert – me enjoying my romper : )


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