The Hills Are Alive

Although I spend the majority of the year in the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, being home for the summer means driving around the hill ridden farmland around the town of Garnet Valley. My hometown is right on the edge of two states – PA and Delaware (Literally. Delaware is about 20 steps from my house. Cool, right?). My father grew up in Delaware, and although he decided to move the family over the line for the better public schools, I still spend more than half of my time over the state line. When you venture off the strip of highway 202 that features every restaurant and store that you could imagine, you enter the rolling hills of Wilmington/Greenville, Delaware.

I’ve always had a dream of running through the hills like Maria from Sound of Music, frolicking in a pale blue sundress and singing those gorgeous high notes effortlessly. Obviously, I would probably look a little dumb running through somebody’s private property by myself (and I would also probably get run off by their servants…), but a girl can dream, can’t she?

The Hills Are Alive

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