Just Keep Swimming…

With one of the biggest beach weekends of the summer just around the corner, I felt it necessary to do a post on my absolute favorite piece of clothing (?)…swimwear! Okay, you caught me. That was sarcasm. For most girls, buying swim suits is much more of a chore than any sort of fun. Finding one that fits just right and makes your body look great can be a near impossible challenge. So I’m here to help you figure it out!

First off, you really should buy a bathing suit from the comfort of your own home. Stores’ dressing rooms are often crowded with poor lighting and awkward mirror placement. Plus I always like to jump around in mine to make sure all the necessary body parts stay where they’re supposed to. To achieve this, online shopping is the way to go.

My go to sites for online bathing suit shopping?

These three stores all make really good quality swimwear. They can be a little pricey, so keep your eye out for good sales.
Here are some of my favorite styles for the season:
And if you’re one of the lucky few who are pale enough not to have to worry about these crazy tan lines, try these awesome styles!

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