A Northern Weekend

Guess where I am? You’ll never guess. So I’ll tell you. Northern Wisconsin. (aka the middle of nowhere…) My mother grew up just outside of Millwaukee, and as one of 13 children, the majority still reside in the area. We try to come up here at least once a year (all 65 of us that is) in order to reconnect and just relax. But what on earth do you pack for a weekend on the lake? Here’s my suggestions:

  1. A pair of dark wash jeans – won’t get dirty.
  2. A pair of simple jean cut offs – can wear over swimsuit or in a great outfit!
  3. A lightweight button down shirt for when it starts to get chilly.
  4. A bikini with thick straps stays in place best for water activities.
  5. A loose fitting tee.
  6. Sperrys – for all that boating you’ll be doing.
  7. A water resistant watch!
  8. A cozy sweater for your late night campfire.
  9. Sunglasses
  10. A sun hat
  11. A simple sweep of BareMinerals with spf 15 is all your need
  12. Neutrogena UltraSheer is my favorite sunscreen – doesn’t get sticky and covers great.
  13. Fit everything into a duffel such as this Vera Bradley one – it’s big enough to allow options but small enough to still be allowed as a carry-on!

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