On Search for a New Watch…

One accessory trend I’m am currently OBSESSED with is watches. They pretty much went out when cell phones were invented – who needs a watch when the time is on your phone, duh. But they are coming back full force – and this time much more as an accessory than a functional piece of hardware. I really want a great gold one for fall, like this Michael Kors one:

These boyfriend watches with rubber bands also seem to be a huge hit. I love this white one from Coach – it really pops against the skin (especially with that summer glow you got going).

I also love vintage novelty watches…my mom found these two in her jewelry box the other day and with a pair of new batteries, they’re back in use : )

What do you all think about the watch trend?


2 thoughts on “On Search for a New Watch…

  1. I looove watches! I have a rose gold Fossil one that I get a lot of compliments on. I’m always lusting over Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs chunky watches in white ceramic, tortoise and gold.

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