So I don’t know about you, but the last week of summer is always absolutely crazy for me. I’ve been focusing on getting everything done that needed to be before I left home for school again, and have been so busy I’ve hardly had time to breathe! But good news, I am officially moved in to my beautiful new dorm/apt in Pittsburgh (just in time too…no Irene for me!)

Here’s some pictures of my new place! I’m in love…

my side…

my roommate sam’s side…

coffee table with potpouri and candles…we also decided to cover the couches with brown and off-white sheets to make the room look more put-together (plus the couches were a little too worn in…)

the living room…did you know they make foldable wooden tables these days?! classy and functional!
the triple…
How have you guys decorated your dorms/apartments this year?



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