A Whole New Me

Hey. You. Remember me? Probably not since I’ve been MIA for the last yearish. I’ve been off making big strides changes in my life – including a new city, major, career path, set of friends, two cats, and a lot of fun adventures. And as great as that’s all been – here I am – being pulled back to this little blog. I’ve really missed having this creative outlet – and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. But until I have enough new content to keep you occupied, here’s a couple photos from what I’ve been up to:


My new home – Boston


My new school – Boston University


The famous Acorn Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill last fall


What I like to call, the Snowpocalypse, which graced our presence last winter.

IMG_1615 IMG_0566

A little glimpse of summer


The other half of my summer – as an intern at Digitas


A little apple picking this fall


Followed by adopting a kitten


Fancy drinks as I turn 22


Red Sox win the World Series


At the end of the day, my life here is pretty great.

See you all soon!


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