Easter Sunday

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Easter, I think of Lilly. To me, Easter is the start of Lilly season. The bright and bold patterns of Lilly Pulitzer dresses are finally acceptable to wear again – and I could not be more excited. So regardless of if you celebrate the holiday or not – I hope you have a relaxing and pleasant weekend : )

Easter Sunday


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

One thing that I absolutely love about Pittsburgh? PNC Park. Although I am not a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, the ballpark in this city is absolutely phenomenal (and the tickets are dirt cheap!). So this weekend, I will be trekking downtown to attend a Phillies vs. Pirates game at the stadium.

Nothing says spring like a ball game! And how cute is the new PINK MLB collection?! Can’t wait to purchase this henley : )

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Emerald City

This emerald green is my absolute favorite color for fall. So when I spotted this skirt on sale for a mere $10 at Forever21 this past weekend, I snatched it up. It’s very cutsey, so to add some edge I threw on my black leather jacket and my favorite pair of Converse. I’m also a little obsessed with gold jewelry right now, could you tell?

Black and Blue

 Forever 21 Dress, Steve Madden Shoes, Target Bag

 So as I already mentioned, I had my wisdom teeth out last week. Although I got lucky and did not swell up like a chipmunk, I did have some battle wounds in the form of bruises. Not only on my face, but on my arm where the IV was inserted. So as I was getting ready for dinner with some of my friends, I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself about my black and blue accessories, I’d embrace it, and flaunt some black and blue.

If you can’t beat em’, join em’, right?

Free Denim Giveaway!

The fabulous site in which I write a weekly column for, CollegeFashionista.com, is doing a denim giveaway! It’s the two year anniversary of the site, so we’re celebrating by thanking our lovely readers that make it all worthwhile!

Follow this link to enter, http://www.facebook.com/collegefashionista

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