A Whole New Me

Hey. You. Remember me? Probably not since I’ve been MIA for the last yearish. I’ve been off making big strides changes in my life – including a new city, major, career path, set of friends, two cats, and a lot of fun adventures. And as great as that’s all been – here I am – being pulled back to this little blog. I’ve really missed having this creative outlet – and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. But until I have enough new content to keep you occupied, here’s a couple photos from what I’ve been up to:


My new home – Boston


My new school – Boston University


The famous Acorn Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill last fall


What I like to call, the Snowpocalypse, which graced our presence last winter.

IMG_1615 IMG_0566

A little glimpse of summer


The other half of my summer – as an intern at Digitas


A little apple picking this fall


Followed by adopting a kitten


Fancy drinks as I turn 22


Red Sox win the World Series


At the end of the day, my life here is pretty great.

See you all soon!


My Love Affair with Water

The name Morgan means born by the sea. Born in a hospital in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, I was actually born about an hour from the sea. But no less, I have always had a love for water. It may have to do with raised on boats, on a swim team, and with a small creek that ran through my backyard, but I have always had a slight love affair with water.

When I became interested in photography, water shots were a complete fascination to me. There’s something utterly amazing about the way that the camera can capture the intriguing properties that water has, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite water shots I’ve stumbled across over a matter of time. *I do not claim to have taken any of the above photos

Inspiring Places Inspiring Faces

Hey Loves! How were your weekends?

I spent the weekend and half of last week in the beautiful city of Boston.

It’s by far one of my favorite places I have visited in my lifetime. There’s just something about the city and the surrounding areas that just all fit together into this beautiful picture of inspiration. I always feel at home in Boston – possibly because one of my favorite pieces of home resides there. Miss Emily of soanthro is the closest thing to a big sister I’ve ever had – guiding my lovingly through my torrential pre-teen and teen years. This lady is just as inspiring as the city that she resides, and I am always finding a reason to get up there and visit.

Just as beautiful as the city is the town that her family had just picked up and moved to – Scituate. It’s a darling little harbor town full of quirky little shops, fishing boats, and lots of beautiful scenery.

Of course, as sisters, we also share a love of fashion. So we tend to dress up for pretty much everything. Shown below are our dinner outfits. Emily in a crisp clean white sundress, with a bold coral clutch given as a birthday gift by yours truly. I am decked out in a floral sundress with a brown belt and some pearls. (P.S. this is the view from their backyard, awesome right?)

Although the distance keeps us apart for the majority of the year, this girl will always be the most inspiring person in my life, and we’ll find our way back to each other eventually : )

Dorm Makeover

As I being to pack up my dorm room to return home for the summer, I can’t help but think about how I’ll be decorating next fall. Obviously, there are many limitations in a dorm room. Not only do you have two sets of decor, but you have no choice as to make space your priority. As you can see below, my roommate and I have every inch of this room covered with massive amounts of stuff (because we obviously needed 30 pairs of shoes between the two of our same sized feet…).

Thankfully, I will be moving into a more spacious domain next year. Although not quite an apartment, we will have our own bathrooms, living room, and kitchen area. Here are some of my favorite ideas thus far…

Don’t these just look like lovely places to return to after a long day?

*All photos complements of Urban Outfitters