Dancing Dreams

I have been dancing ever since I can remember. And as proof, I rummaged up this little gem from my very first dance recital (can you find me…?)

This weekend will be my third show with the Pitt Dance Ensemble. It’s a wonderful group of dancers with a passion and love for the art, and I cannot be more excited to watch my fellow performers dance their little hearts out. So as a little tribute, here are some shots I took during rehearsals of these talented ladies : )

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, come out and support us!


Rainy Sunshine

Pittsburgh weather is anything but ordinary. From thunderstorms to sun in under a few hours is not a rare occurrence. So I traded my parka for some sunglasses and my wellies for Sperry’s, and into the sun I went : )

A Very Good Morning

I am a huge fan of breakfast. Morning? Night? I’m totally down. So when a friend suggested this scrumptious little treat as a morning meal in Disney over spring break, I was all for it. I have since found about twenty new breakfast recipes I want to try, and I’m here to share a few of them with you : )

Pecan Waffles

Breakfast Pizza

Strawberry Waffle Popsicles

Don’t these look like a delicious way to start the morning?!

The Emerald City

This emerald green is my absolute favorite color for fall. So when I spotted this skirt on sale for a mere $10 at Forever21 this past weekend, I snatched it up. It’s very cutsey, so to add some edge I threw on my black leather jacket and my favorite pair of Converse. I’m also a little obsessed with gold jewelry right now, could you tell?